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Walmart Careers Application Online

  • Apply for a dream job at Walmart
  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Benefits include a 401k plan, associate discount center, and a estate guidance program.. whats not to like here?

The Walmart Careers Application Online service allows a user to apply for a job at Walmart via position (i.e. cashier, stocker, backroom receiving, fresh food associate) or via location (i.e. Chicago IL).  Before applying for a position the user can view a short video which will provide information about the given job to help the applicant determine if the job is a good fit.  For example applicants who enjoy helping people find what they need in store should apply for the sales associate position while applicants who enjoy stocking shelves (aka not a people person) should apply for the stocker/backroom receiving position.  This sounds nice and all but how much is the pay?!?!?  Generally speaking applicants who are lucky enough to be hired will start between $9.00 to 10.50/hour but this hourly wage can be increased based on location and experience.  Applicants should also note that Walmart offers flexible schedules for those who are looking for a second job or for applicants who prefer to work nights (PLUS Walmart hires more than 70% of their managers from within).  Applicants can apply for a position at more than one Walmart location by selecting multiple locations at one time by clicking the boxes next to those that they are most interested in.

Walmart Careers Notes

  • Job applications will take most users between 45 to 60 minutes to complete
  • Hourly positions do not require a resume or CV
  • Hourly positions do require the applicant to provide job history and highlights on the application itself
  • Walmart career applications cannot be changed after they have been submitted
  • Please allow up to one week before contacting Walmart in regards to the status of an application


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