www.giftnetonline.com – Claim Gift Online with Code

Gift Net Online

  • Claim a gift online with a company code
  • The claiming process will take about a minute to complete
  • An email address is not required

The Gift Net Online service allows a user to make a gift claim online.  In order to claim the gift the user will need the company code in which the gift is coming from.  Users who do not have the company code should speak with their local human resource department and ask them for the company code that should be entered at Gift Net Online (with any luck the HR department will not look at the employee like they have lobsters crawling out of their ears).

Questions or concerns about Gift Net Online?

For immediate assistance, please contact the Gift Net Customer Assistance and General Help Line at 1-800-999-3462 between the hours of 8:30 am through 8:00 pm ET Monday through Friday (the call center is closed on the weekends and TTY services are available).  Questions can also be directed to the dedicated Gift Net Online email support team at customerservice@mcfina.com.  Please include the nature of the question, the company code, and a return email address.  Please allow up to 3 business days for a response via email.


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