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LG Mobile Repair

  • Request repair service online
  • This is for LG mobile phones only
  • Operated by LG Electronics

The LG Mobile Repair service requires the customer to provide their model number, serial number (or IMEI/MEID), purchase date, and upload the proof of purchase receipt (this upload must be less than 10MB and in either txt, doc, jpg, gif, pdf, or png format).  Once the above information has been provided the customer will be provided shipping details and a tracking number.  The LG Mobile customer will have to mail the phone to the shipping address provided and then allow a few business days (weeks) for the repair to take place.  The length of time it takes to repair the LG device will depend on the nature of the repair and parts availability.  Most repairs should be pretty simple and the customer should have their LG phone back in just a few days.  Any questions in regards to the LG Mobile Repair service can be directed to a LG customer service agent at 800-243-0000 between the hours of 7 am through Midnight CST 7 days a week (support in Spanish is available form 8 am – 6 pm CST).  LG live chat service is also available from 7 am through midnight Central Time Monday thru Friday.  Please note LG live chat services will ask for the model number and serial number of the LG mobile phone in question.

LG Mobile Repair Notes and Tips

  • Be patient sometimes these repairs can take time
  • Customers can send an email here and expect a response in less than 24 hours
  • No charges will be allowed for transportation, boxing, crating or other packaging of the Goods unless stated
  • Small businesses looking for phone repair service should dial 888-865-3026 or email comm.display@lge.com
  • Consumers looking to write the LG corporate office should reach out to LG Electronics Alabama, Inc., 201 James Record Road, Huntsville, AL 35824


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