CustomerStatus – Check the Status of an Order Online

Customer Status

  • With the Customer Status service, people who have ordered an item online from certain vendors can track the status of their shipment to find out when it will arrive at their door
  • The service is free to use and will not require a bothersome registration process
  • It usually takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours from the time an order is placed for it to be available in the Customer Status system

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Customer Status is a third-party site that works with many major online companies to provide easy order updates and tracking to customers at any time of day, eliminating the hassle of calling a representative. Orders that use Customer Status can be tracked via several methods, like the last name and order number of the purchaser, the phone number and the last 4 digits of the credit card, the e-mail address, and last 4 of the credit card, and other easy ways. Once an order for an item is in the Customer Status system, it’s updated every step along the way, from the time it leaves the company’s warehouse until it arrives at the customer’s door. Please note the Customer Status online service is available 24 hours a day and provides the exact same information that calling in and speaking to a live representative would give,

What orders can be tracked using Customer Status?

The customer status service works with a number of online “As Seen On TV” products like the Perfecter Fusion Styler, Zoomies, Clear TV, Wipe New, the Genie Bra, Chop Magic, Fusion Juicer, and a number of other popular items.

To find out if an order is available to be tracked through Customer Status, customers can visit the “Customer Care” section of the site where they ordered.

To contact

For questions related to an order or tracking an order, customers are asked to contact the actual company they purchased their item from. This information can usually be found through the “Contact Us” link on that product’s site.



PancakeSwap Finance App: Download, V2, and Review (2022)

PancakeSwap Finance App and Price

PancakeSwap Finance App

Visit PancakesSwap.Finance to Discover PancakeSwap which is the leading company in the industry and has the most users of any decentralized platform according to the site. And those users are now entrusting the platform with over $4.5 billion in funds.

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PancakeSwap Price

The current PancakeSwap price is valued at 4.22. Please visit to check the daily value of Pancakes Coins.

What is V2 PancakeSwap?

It is nothing more than a fancy name for a crypto asset exchange located in the country of Japan. Please note they have an “A” rating in regards to the exchange which means “Transparent.” V2 PancakeSwap is considered a crypto-only exchange.


What is the PancakeSwap Exchange?

More information about the PancakeSwap Exchange can be found at and according to the site it is an Automated Market Maker (AMM), and the PancakeSwap Exchange is at the heart of the coins.

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Trust Wallet PancakeSwap

Earn Cake on the PancakeSwap Exchange at Please note Pancake Coins are a huge risk and could be one of the biggest losers of 2022, but could also be one of the biggest winners.

How to Earn Cake Using the Pancake Swap Trust Wallet?

  1. You must first install the Trust Wallet app and download it to either the iOS Crypto Wallet or the Android Crypto Wallet
  2. Pull up the DApp Browser and look for PancakeSwap in the Defi section tab
  3. Trade BNB to CAKE, go to pools and Stake It to Earn More CAKE (risk reward methods)


What PancakeSwap Crypto is on the Exchange?

You can find CAKE Crypto tokens on the PancakeSwap Exchange and you can use the clever  LP staking pools to earn additional interest on your crypto holdings which is always a superior move in investing.

What is a liquidity pool?

Visit to learn more about PanSwap Liquidity Pools as they are just to darn complicated to explain for a nob like me.


Coinbase Wallet PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap aka Cake Coins can be bought on the popular Coinbase app/site. Please visit the popular FAQ to learn how to buy these via Coinbase at


What is a Pancake Coin?

Head on over to the popular CoinMarketCap and search for PancakeSwap. Then look for the tab “Market” near the price chart. You will then see a set of places you can buy/sell/trade Pancake Coins as well as the currencies you can use to obtain them.



Is PancakeSwap legit?

Yes PancakeSwap is LEGIT, its very legite being one of the most popular new crypto coin. Ton of risk here but ton of gains to be made potentially.

How to connect trust wallet to pancakeswap?

Google the term PancakeSwap on your mobile device. Click connect toe Trust Wallet in the top right hand corner. Select “WalletConnect” from the list of supported wallets found towards the bottom of the page. Select “Trust” from the list of preferred wallets and your done!

Is PancakeSwap a good investment?

Is PancakeSwap a good investment you ask. Considering the nature of the crypto market we would say YES it is a good investment as the returns should be higher than the standard cyrpto coin.

Why is PancakeSwap so popular?

PancakeSwap is so popular because Pancakes are one of the most popular food so the initial marketing was geniesis. Second, PancakeSwap introduces innovative ways to create new income streams that last and stay profitable. . Users can secure profits using the DEX and enjoy lower fees.

Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance & Vanilla Gift Card Activation

Vanilla Gift Card Activation

  • Activate a Vanilla Visa or a Vanilla Reward account online
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are issued by The Bancorp Bank and MetaBank who are both proud members of the FDIC
  • Both cards are pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc and you must be 18 years of age or older in order to apply
  • Please visit or by dialing the toll-free number listed on the back of your Visa Vanilla Gift Card

The Vanilla Visa card is available to US-based residents at the following retailers: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Dollar General, 7-11, Sam’s Club, and HEB.

The cards can usually be found towards the front of most stores towards the checkout lanes (those who are having trouble finding the card should simply stop and ask a friendly store worker).

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Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

  • Those who already have a Vanilla Visa card can check their balance online with the 16-digit card number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit CVV number
  • The 16-digit card number will be shown on the front of the Vanilla Visa card while the 3-digit CVV number will be printed on the back
  • Please visit or by dialing the toll-free number listed on the back of your Visa Vanilla Gift Card to check your balance

Registering a Vanilla Gift Card

You can call the number on the back of the Vanilla Gift Card or you can watch the YouTube Video below:

My VanillaGift Card Review

Vanilla Gift Card User Rating: 9.88 out of 10 as consumers really like this card (mostly due to the name as all gift cards are the same for the most part.

Where Can Vanilla Gift Cards Be Used: anywhere Visa debit, Debit MasterCard, or Discover cards are accepted in the U.S. or District of Columbia.

Vanilla Visa Cards PIN Number:  Cardholders attempting to use the Vanilla Visa card as a debit will need to enter their 4-digit PIN at the time of check out.

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Vanilla Gift Card Phone Number

  • Phone Number: Vanilla Visa card can be directed to 1-800-571-1376
  • Email: Not Found (and we turned over every rock on the world wide web)

These cards will not help or harm a credit rating as they are gift cards with a preloaded amount. The Vanilla Gift Card makes an ideal birthday present but please spend at least $50 as anything less just seems cheap.

MyVanillaCard Customer Care & Notes

  • Vanilla Card Customer Card Number: 1-800-847-2911
  • Cardholders looking to reach Vanilla Visa via US Mail: Vanilla Visa Gift Card Customer Care PO Box 826 Fortson, GA 31808
  • Official MyVanillaCard website:  Please visit to register or cancel the card
  • Please visit: or by dialing the toll-free number listed on the back of your Visa Vanilla Gift Card – Pay Online MA Accounts/Payment Options

Visit  to pay toll collection bills that were capture via toll collection through video images of vehicle license plates.

Please note the toll system applies to out-of-state drivers as well as in-state drivers (just because you live out of state don’t expect to use the roads for free bruh).

“Need a credit card: Check Out BHG Walmart Card Offer Today”

In order to pay a toll online please have a credit or debit card on hand or your bank routing and account number.

If you do not have a form of payment ready please do not access the Pay by the Plate service.


Pay by the Plate MA

  • Access this toll payment option
  • Designed for those residing in Massachusetts
  • Photographic or video images of vehicles and license plates are used to either post toll transactions to a valid Registered Pay By Plate MA account

The Pay by the Plate MA service is ideal for those looking to save time as it electronically obtains the name and address of the registered vehicle owner in order to issue an invoice to collect tolls and related fees that are required by the state.  The Pay by the Plate MA service is ONLY available on MassDOT roadways.

When making a payment the stats will accept all major credit/debit cards or the customer can link their checking account to their pay by the plate account.

Need a debit card? My Vanilla Debit Card

Those who are more comfortable paying via US mail (usually old people over the age of 65) can mail the payment to: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center, P.O. Box 847840, Boston, MA 02284-7840 (DO NOT SEND CASH).  A

signing a checking account or credit/debit card to the customers pay by the plate MA account is the easiest way to make a payment and is used by more than 80% of customers.

The pay by the plate service is operated by MassDOT and is powered by Microsoft Translator (please do not contact Microsoft with questions about a toll payment).


Pay By The Plate MA Customer Service

Pay By The Plate MA

Customers looking to make a replenishment payment by mail can write to:

EZDriveMA Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 8007, Auburn, Massachusetts 01501-8007.


Pay by the Plate MA Notes

  • A $1.95 fee will be charged to those who replenish their account via mail
  • All accounts will be charged at the end of their 30-day invoice cycle
  • Please pay before the due date to avoid deadly fees

Any general questions in regards to the pay by the plate MA service can be directed to: EZDriveMA Customer Service Center 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, MA 01501-1800 or those looking to make first contact via fax: (508) 786-5222.  The person who prefers email as a way to communicate can reach out to:


  1. – Sign Up for Delay of Payments (Ford Vehicles)

Despite the rumors, FORD does not stand for Found On Road Dead. It’s the exact opposite in fact as their trucks are some of the most reliable cars on the highway.

The company is doing so good they are offering customers delayed car payments at to help offset the effects felt by COVID19.

If you or someone you know has a Ford auto loan please visit the above site to check eligibility for this life-saving program.

Ford Credit is encouraging customers in the U.S. impacted by COVID-19 to contact the company to discuss the potential delay of payments to provide relief. Additionally, Ford Credit is offering a program giving customers who buy new vehicles the option to delay their first payment for 90 days.” –

Please note this program applies of leases of Ford autos as well.

You can also call 1-800-723-4016 or access your Ford Account Manager profile either online at Customer Service

  • COVID19 Delay Payments Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-723-4016
  • General Customer service: 1 (800) 392-3673
  • Roadside assistance: 1 (800) 241-3673
  • Online:

The Ford credit phone number is available from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Time and Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time (Sunday Closed).



Ford Mailing Address(s)

Mail 1: Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center P.O. Box 6248 Dearborn, MI 48126

Mail 2: Ford Credit Ford Credit P.O. Box 542000 Omaha, NE 68154

Customers dealing with the delayed payment issue should write to the second option. They may be asked to send supporting documentation of their hardship to help them get the delayed payment.



Ford has a long, LONG history of extending a helping hand to the US people during times of local and federal disasters.

If you are struggling financially because of this drummed up media event please do not wait to take advantage of this program.