login, Access My Gift Card Account

My Gift Card Account PSCUFS

  • Access a PSCUFS gift card account online
  • This is a free service
  • Requires the card number, last 4 digits of the card holders phone number, and the 3 digit code

Those who are new to the My Gift Card Account PSCUFS service will have to go through a short registration process before account access is granted.  The service is operated by WildCard Systems, Inc. and will require an email address at the time of sign up.  The card makes the ideal birthday gift and can be used as many times as the cardholder would like until the card’s balance is depleted.

Once the gift card balance has been reduced to zero please toss the card in the trash can as it cannot be reloaded (unless the cardholder would like to keep the card as a souvenir to a fine birthday gift).  Please remember that the gift card recipients do not have a line of credit and can only spend the amount of money that is one the card.  Any questions regarding the My Gift Card Account PSCUFS service can be directed to an English-speaking customer service agent at 866-902-6082.  To facilitate making purchases online, obtaining a lost gift card replacement, or enabling disputing a fraudulent transaction the PSCUFS gift card must be registered with the card holders name, address and telephone number.  In the case of a return the merchant should apply the credit back to the gift card in question.

My Gift Card Account PSCUFS Notes

  • Can be purchase at participating credit unions
  • The card will not improve or harm a credit score
  • PIN numbers will automatically be assigned
  • If a decline occurs, the card’s available balance is probably less than the purchase amount
  • Prepaid gift cards make the perfect birthday or wedding gift