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  • These loans are from One Main Financial Group.
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  • Residents living in Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, or Pennsylvania may be subject to loan restrictions due to state laws. login – Sam’s Club Versus Costco Account Guide

To begin, the One Main Financial Apply Now form requires the borrower to provide their name, email address, cell phone number, SSN #, and home address.  The application will then ask if the borrower owns or rents a home, the monthly mortgage or rent cost, and if a co-applicant will be included on the One Main Financial Apply Now application.  Customers can apply for a loan up to $9,999.00 (those looking to borrow more than $9999 should call 877-540-6246).  The loan may be used for items like:

  • Bill consolidation
  • Car/home repairs
  • Dental issues (the cavity that won’t go away)
  • Back taxes (Uncle Sam always gets his fair share)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Travel and fun (take a trip to Vegas)

Please note a One Main Financial Apply Now loan CAN NOT be used for college, university or vocational expenses, including tuition, fees, and required equipment and supplies (such as books, calculators, or clothing); for any business or commercial purpose; to purchase securities; or for gambling (so when in Vegas on vacation do not use the money to gamble).

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What financial information will the applicant need to provide to One Main Financial?

  • Job position or title
  • Annual wages
  • Employers name and work phone number (provide an extension if needed)
  • Job start date

Please note the applicant’s gross annual wages can include annual salary, pension, social security, and any other side gigs the applicant has, such as playing in a band on the weekend.  The borrower DOES NOT have to provide One Main Financial with alimony or child support payment amounts.