– Credit One Account Services Guide

Credit One Increase

  • Allows a Credit One Bank customer to perform a variety of account-related activities online (including an increase request in their credit limit)
  • Customers requesting a credit increase from Credit One must made on-time payments over some time to qualify (customers who have missed payments in the past or are currently delinquent will be denied)
  • Other services found via include applying for a card, accepting Credit One Bank offers, and designing a credit card.
  • Credit One Bank credit cards are still some of the best for consumers looking to rebuild their credit scores.

The Credit One Increase service will not harm the person’s credit score if denied, but most cardholders will only want to request after six months or more of on-time payments made using a Credit One card.

Besides on-time payments, Credit One will also evaluate the customer’s credit history with other creditors to determine eligibility for credit line increases (this means the cardholder also needs to be making on-time payments with other businesses that have offered him/her a line of credit).

Alternative credit cards for consumers with a less-than-perfect credit history include the Capital One Secured MasterCard, Indigo Platinum MasterCard, Milestone Gold MasterCard, and the brand spanking new Total VISA Unsecured Credit Card.  Please note less than perfect credit is defined as consumers with a credit score below 600 who have filed  bankruptcy, been foreclosed on, or had delinquent taxes.

Credit One Card 

  • Designed for consumers who are looking to rebuild their credit
  • Many consumers will receive a pre-approved offer from Credit One in the mail
  • New credit cards can only be activated by phone, and customers should allow up to 14 days for them to arrive via US Mail
  • Customers who fail to activate their Credit One card within 14 days of arrival will see the card become void
  • 24 months’ worth of card statements can be accessed through an online account
  • Credit One will provide the customer with monthly credit tracking to help them improve their credit and move on with their life Highlights

  1. Easy to make the request
  2. The increase is NOT guaranteed and will depend on a few different factors
  3. The cardholder will not have to pay a fee for the increase
  4. Please do not get mad if you are denied the increase (try again in a few months)
  5. Those who are approved may receive a bump in their credit rating

Any questions regarding a Credit One Increase can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-866-803-1745.  Customers looking to dispute merchants charged should write the dispute to Credit One Bank, Attn: Disputes, P.O. Box 98876, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8876.