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Dropbox Connect Scan QR Code

Set up Dropbox in just a few minutes online.

Easy to use and free enrollment.

Simply visit www.dropbox.com/connect scan to start the process.

Please note if your Dropbox Plus or Professional account is linked to a Dropbox Business account, you will not have access to chat support due to Dropbox security restrictions.

Dropbox Plan Cost?

Below is a current image of how much Dropbox will cost.

*Dropbox Business helps your company grow without limits while you maintain complete control over important company information and user activity.

How to access Dropbox Step by Step Instructions!

  1. Open the File Transfer screen
  2. Tap on the File Transfer button in the Files section to open the File Transfer screen
  3. Configure the Dropbox connection
  4. Input your credentials
  5. Click on the connect tab

How to connect a computer on Mobile via Dropbox?

Please visit www-dropbox-com connect-dropbox-scan-to-install-and-connect to obtain step by step instructions.

Note: If you do not currently have files in your account, you will see the Connect a Computer prompt on the Files tab on dropbox.com.

Companies who use Dropbox?

Try Dropbox for Free Trial

  • www.dropbox.com/business/try

What do you get with the Dropbox free trial?

Full access to all Dropbox features.

Space for your team to share and collaborate.

Advanced sharing and collaboration tools.

Admin controls for additional security.

How much space?

Standard Plan: 3 TB of space for secure storage with easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools.

Advanced Plan: You need as much space as you need with sophisticated admin, audit, and integration features.

Businesses with a huge workload will want the advanced plan.

Dropbox Customer Service

All customers can reach Dropbox Support over email, use the help center, and post to the Community.

Dropbox Business admins can contact live support through the admin console.

We found a phone number for Dropbox!

If you have any questions regarding www.dropbox.com/connect scan please dial toll-free 800-620-5395.

Already have a DropBox account?

Visit www.dropbox.com/sign in.

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