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Yes Credit One Pre Approved

  • Apply for a Credit One credit card online
  • This card is desgined for those who are looking to rebuild their credit score
  • The application should take less than 60 seconds to complete

Those who complete a Yes Credit One Pre Approved application should receive an instant decision in regards to the credit card (in some events the applicant may be asked to provided more information about their personal finance situation such as income, credit score, and salary).  Those are responding to a Credit One card mailing offer will need to provide the approval code (which is found in the mailing) and the applicants SSN.  Those who receive a Yes Credit One pre approved mailing offer are very likely to be approved as they have already been pre screened (but still approval is not guaranteed under any circumstances even with an approval code).  Those who have already submitted an application with Credit One can check the current status with the applicants last name and SSN.  Those who do not have an approval code can still apply but will need to provide their name, mailing address, phone number, email address, total monthly income, and DOB.  The applicants total monthly income is required as it will help Credit One make a decision on if the person qualifies for a credit card and has the ability to pay it down (please note monthly income can include seasonal jobs, self employment, side hustles, interest or dividends from stocks, retirement, or money for public assistance programs).  By clicking on the see card offers tab the applicant automatically agrees to allow Credit One to contact one or more credit reporting agencies in order to conduct a pre-qualification for credit.

Credit One Bank Credit Card Highlights

  • An excellent card for those who are looking to rebuild credit and are having trouble getting approved elsewhere (i.e. Capital One)
  • Allows a member to track their monthly credit report online
  • Provided text and email alerts
  • Offers a lucrative 1% cash back rewards program (please note this program may not available for all applicants)


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