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Get My Offer Capital One

  • Respond to a credit card offer from Capital One
  • This promotional offer would have been received via the US Mail
  • Most applicants should get a response in 60 seconds or less

The Get My Offer Capital One promotion will require the applicant to have the reservation number along with the access code in order to begin the process.  The reservation number will be 16 digits long while the access code will be 6 digits in length.  These numbers always appear together on the Get My Offer promotional letter usually on the bottom portion (but not always).  those who do not have the reservation number and the access code can still apply by going through a short pre qualification screening in which the customer will be asked as few questions about their financial history (this may include a credit check).

OK so why in the world would anyone apply for a credit card other than Capital One?

  • Credit Score (some consumers have a credit score that is too low)
  • Loyalty (some consumers are loyal to certain companies… you see this a lot with Chase)
  • Commercials (some of the Capital One credit card commercials rub people the wrong way)

All credit cards issued via the Get My Offer promotion are by Capital One who is an equal housing lender and member FDIC.  Some of the more popular credit cards associated with the offer include Venture card, QuickSilver card, Journey Student Rewards card, and the Spark Cash for Business credit card (Capital One also issues a Secured credit card for people who are going down that long road of rebuilding credit but this card is not associated with the Get My Offer promotion).

Capital One Financial Corporation

  • Tyson Corner based financial bank holding company
  • Specializes in the issuance of credit cards
  • Founded in 1988

Capital One was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris in Richmond, VA.  Today the firm has annual revenues in the billions and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol COF.  The Capital One corporate office is based at 1680 Capital One Drive McLean, VA 22102 and can be reached by phone at: 703-720-1000.


  1. www.getmyoffer.capitalone.com