www.bestbuy.com/tsrenewal – Renew Geek Squad Tech Support

Best Buy TS Renewal

  • Renew a Geek Squad tech support service online in a few simple steps
  • The renewal process should take less than 5 minutes to complete
  • This option is only available for current Geek Squad customers

The Best Buy TS Renewal service will require the contract ID along with the customers zip code.  The contract ID will be 10 digits long and will be located on the renewal letter.  Any questions in regards to the Best Buy TS Renewal process can be directed to a customer service agent at 866-242-4568 between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm Monday thru Friday.  Those who are sick and tired of the Geek Squad should simply ignore the renewal letter and let their protection plan lapse.

What in the world is Geek Squad?

  • Provides high end customer support in regards to Best Buy purchases
  • Can be found at more than 1,100 Best Buy stores
  • Provides coverage for accidental drops and spills

Popular services that Geek Squad covers include appliances, cell phones, video gaming, wearable tech, and computers/tablets.  The Geek Squad is available via phone, chat, or visit them at any Best Buy location (assuming they have a Geek Squad crew).  Any questions in regards to the Geek Squad service can be directed to 1-800-433-5778.

What people say about the Geek Squad?

“The Geek Squad service is one of the primary reasons why I purchase tech products from Best Buy. Any time I’ve ever had to use my Geek Squad Protection Plans, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences.” — Scott R., TX


  1. www.bestbuy.com/tsrenewal