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My History Lab

  • The My History Lab service from Pearson gives both students and educators access to online tools to help further their education beyond the classroom environment
  • Pearson is the biggest online collection of homework products, online testing and assessments, and educational tutorials, with more than 11 million students using Pearson MyLab every year
  • When students log in to Pearson My History, they’ll have access to all tests and assessments they’ve taken, as well as the opportunity to review all educational materials they’ve had access to
  • The My History Lab service is only designed for cosnumers who have paid for Pearson educational services
  • Those who are new to Pearson should start at pearsonmylabandmastering.com

One of the biggest advantages of MyLab is that the system adapts to how individual students are performing, offering up specific guidance to their situation and helping them take in difficult concepts in a way they’ll understand. Pearson Education online also provides services known as Learning Management Systems, which let users access their history from a number of different systems like Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Canvas. Online educational tools from Pearson help students learn concepts from the classroom in their home environment, and also help students navigate their school day a little easier since they don’t need as many books, workbooks, or other tools with them. Students must have a Pearson MyHistory Lab account to have access to the online tools, regardless of when they enrolled in their class.

How to register for a Pearson MyLab History Account

Before they use Pearson MyHistory for the first time, students will need to set up an account. A valid e-mail address is necessary, along with a valid course ID obtained from the instructor. This will usually be in a format like “lastname1234.” Once that’s set up, students will need to have an access code (this can be found printed in the textbook or online access kit, or purchased instantly online with a PayPal account or credit card).

To contact Pearson assessments

  • Call 866-842-7428
  • Email learningassessments@pearson.com


  1. www.myhistorylab.com