www.mydish.com/perks/previews – Free Channel Previews


My Dish Perks Previews

Sign up for FREE month-long channel previews for no additional cost.

Simply head on over to www.mydish.com/perks/previews to begin.

Free previews include great movies, shows, and events for all DISH customers.

MyDish Customer Service


The following channels are available under the MyDish Perks Preview promotion…

  • MLB Network
  • Hallmark Drama
  • Sundance Channel
  • Cooking Channel
  • Travel Channel

Please note al free previews will become available at 5:00 pm ET the day before the listed start date and end at 2:00 am ET the day after the listed end date.

Other TV Options

  • YouTube TV
  • Cable
  • Cut the cord and read a book!

If your not a DISH customer checkout the following packages…

  1. America’s Top 120 ($59.00 per month)
  2. America’s Top 120 + ($69)
  3. America’s Top 200 ($79)
  4. America’s Top 250 ($89)

DISH Network Benefits include straight-up pricing (no hidden fees), compatible with Google Assitant, and offers plenty of sports channels.

You will get local networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC), plus ESPN, Disney Channel, HGTV, and Food Network (more benefits).

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DISH Network Cons include NO NFL SUNDAY TICKET (ouch!… that is a huge negative), no HBO (another huge ouch!), and more expensive than DIRECTV.

DescriptionDISH Network Corporation is a U.S. television provider. Based in Meridian, Colorado, it is the owner of the direct-broadcast satellite provider DISH, also is still commonly known as DISH Network), and the over-the-top IPTV service Sling TV. The company has approximately 17,000 employees.” DIRCTV.com

MyDish Perks Previews Final Thoughts

If your a DISH customer this promotion is a huge benefit and might just make you upgrade once the promotion is over.

www.capitalone.com/facts2019 – Capital One Data Breach Website


Capital One 2019 Breach Facts

Learn more about the mind-blowing Capital One data breach that occurred on 7/192019 according to a variety of media outlets.

Simply visit www.capitalone.com/facts2019 for more information.

A good majority of the information obtained via the Capital One data breach included information associated with credit card applications.

Credit card applications include the applicant’s names, addresses, zip codes/postal codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and self-reported income.

Date Breach Facts (what was obtained)

  • Customer status data, e.g., credit scores, credit limits, balances, payment history, contact information
  • Fragments of transaction data from a total of 23 days during 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • About 140,000 Social Security numbers of our credit card customers
  • About 80,000 linked bank account numbers of our secured credit card customers

While I am grateful that the perpetrator has been caught, I am deeply sorry for what has happened… I sincerely apologize for the understandable worry this incident must be causing those affected and I am committed to making it right.” said Richard D. Fairbank, Capital One Chairman/CEO

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CapitalOne.com/Facts2019 Customer Service

  • Questions in regards to the data breach can be directed to the Capital One customer service team at 1-877-383-4802
  • If you’re currently outside the United States please dial 1-804-934-2001
  • You can also reach out to the Capital One Fraud Protection at 1-800-427-9428 or 1-800-239-7054
  • To Opt-out of marketing solicitations please dial 1-888-817-2970

How many people were affected?

According to Capital One, 100 million individuals in the United States and approximately 6 million in Canada were affected by this mind-blowing data breach.

If you think you were affected you should freeze all your Capital One accounts… NOW!

Capital One Data Breach Facts

www.activate.starz.com enter code – Starz Account Activation


Activate Starz Code

You will need the activation code displayed on your TV screen in order to activate a Starz account.

Must be 18 years of age or older and head of household.

Visit www.activate.starz.com to begin.

If you do not have the activation code you will not be able to proceed and will end up having a very boring night of TV watching.

Activate.Starz.com Customer Service

  1. Phone: 855-247-9175
  2. Email: www.starz.com/settings/contactus
  3. Fax: We could not find a fax number for Starz no matter how many hands we greased
  4. They can be reached 24/7/365 via email and feedback forms in the apps (or so they claim)
  5. Email Starz at help@starz.com
  6. You can also tweet Starz @STARZHelp.

Please note when sending Starz an email please provide as much information as possible and be sure to include your account number and last name if needed.

Starz will attempt to get back with you within 48 hours but it may take up to 5 weeks in some cases.

Starz Common Questions (with answers!)

  • Can I use the STARZ app with a WiFi or 4G network? Yes! The STARZ app has been designed to give you excellent service over WiFi or 4G connections for supported tablet and mobile devices
  • My device isn’t listed as currently supported. Whatever will I do? Don’t lose sleep over this issue! Starz will be adding new devices all the time. Check back regularly to see if your device has been added to list at www.starz.com/settings/supported-devices.

If you a super Starz fanboy you should consider signing up for newsletters.

Visit https://www.starz.com/newsletters to signup.

A valid email address is required and your information will only be used in regards to Starz products and promotions.

Starz Gift Cards

Yes! Starz gift cards are available.

When you redeem your gift card, the entire value is credited to your STARZ account, giving you a single period of access to the STARZ service that corresponds to the value of the gift card.

Starz Alternatives?

Activation Website

  • https://activate.starz.com/

www.dropbox.com/connect scan – How to Access Dropbox Download

www.dropbox.com/connect scan

Dropbox Connect Scan QR Code

Set up Dropbox in just a few minutes online.

Easy to use and free enrollment.

Simply visit www.dropbox.com/connect scan to start the process.

Please note if your Dropbox Plus or Professional account is linked to a Dropbox Business account, you will not have access to chat support due to Dropbox security restrictions.

Dropbox Plan Cost?

Below is a current image of how much Dropbox will cost.

dropbox plans

*Dropbox Business helps your company grow without limits, while you maintain complete control over important company information and user activity.

How to access Dropbox Step by Step Instructions!

  1. Open the File Transfer screen
  2. Tap on the File Transfer button in the Files section to open the File Transfer screen
  3. Configure the Dropbox connection
  4. Input your credentials
  5. Click on the connect tab

How to connect a computer on Mobile via Dropbox?

Please visit www-dropbox-com connect-dropbox-scan-to-install-and-connect to obtain step by step instructions.

Note: If you do not currently have files in your account, you will see the Connect a Computer prompt on the Files tab on dropbox.com.


Companies who use Dropbox?

Try Dropbox for Free for 30 days (aka Dropbox promo code)

What do you get with the Dropbox free trial?

Full access to all Dropbox features.

Space for your team to share and collaborate.

Advanced sharing and collaboration tools.

Admin controls for additional security.

Survey Coupons?

How much space does Dropbox Provide?

Standard Plan: 3 TB of space for secure storage with easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools.

Advanced Plan: As much space as you need with sophisticated admin, audit, and integration features.

Businesses with a huge workload will want the advanced plan.

Dropbox Customer Service

All Dropbox customers can reach Dropbox Support over email, use the help center, and post to the Community.

Dropbox Business admins can contact live support through the admin console.

A Dropbox toll-free number could not be found.

We found a phone number for Dropbox!

If you have any questions in regards to www.dropbox.com/connect scan please dial toll-free 800-620-5395.

Already have a DropBox account?

Visit www.dropbox.com/sign in.

Dropbox Connect Scan Website


www.helpmespectrum.com – Spectrum Customer Support


Help Me Spectrum

  • Contact Spectrum customer support online
  • Visit www.helpmespectrum.com to get help now
  • Must be a Spectrum account holder
  • A free service

popular topics associated with the Help Me Spectrum service include “programming your remote”, “help with auto pay enrollment”, “moving to a new home”, or update a “Spectrum Mobile Account”.

Spectrum Speed Test?

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds over a wireless connection, use an Ethernet cord to connect to your modem to run your speed test.

That way, you can see if the problem is with your internet service or your wireless connection.

To start a speed test please visit www.spectrum.net/support/internet/spectrum-speed-test.

Spectrum Customer Service