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EZ Court Pay

  • With the EZ Court Pay service, people who have received citations from certain cities and towns can pay their fines online
  • Using EZ Court Pay to pay a citation will appear legally the same as if the person had shown up in person to pay their ticket at a local courthouse
  • Once a payment is made to EZ Court Pay, it is applied to the person’s record immediately, and no refunds can be processed at any point
  • To contact EZ Court Pay please dial 1-800-262-0128
  • This service should not be used to dispute a ticket

To start paying a fine with EZ Court Pay, users will need to enter their date of birth, their last name, and the citation number that’s printed on the ticket they received. If a citation is being paid after the court date, and the local municipality has already taken action against a driver, further actions may be necessary for someone to get their license released. For most towns, people will need to wait at least one to three weeks from the date they received the citation for it to be available to be paid through the EZ Court Pay system. A user’s information will be stored online in the EZ Court Pay system for 90 days after they make their citation payment, but this information will in no way be sent out without the user’s consent (except for record keeping purposes related to the citation).

What does paying a citation through EZ Court Pay do legally?

By paying a ticket through EZ Court Pay, users are certifying that they are at least 17 years of age, that they are pleading guilty to the charges that were brought against them, that they are choosing not to appear in court over these charges, and they are confirming their identity and allowing the ticket to be processed online and punished to the maximum amount the law allows.


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