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Inmate Financial 

  • Deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account at almost any prison in America with the Inmate Financial¬†service
  • Inmate Financial accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards for prison commissary credits
  • To start using Inmate Financial, families just need to click the gray “Purchase Commissary Credits Now” button at the top of the web site

With the Inmate Financial web site, families of someone who is incarcerated no longer have to use a complicated automated phone systems or go through the hassle using drop boxes or driving to a prison just to make a financial deposit in a commissary account. Inmate Financial doesn’t cost the prison anything, and funds are deposited directly into the inmate’s account.

Inmate Financial is by far the easiest way for money to be added to a commissary account, although there is a small service charge for families that want to use this site. A number of different prisons, like the Concordia Parish Detention Center, the Caldwell Parish Detention Center, the Avoyelles Parish Detention Center, and the Webster Parish General Population use Inmate Financial services.

  • Transactions posted to an inmate’s account through Inmate Financial are usually deposited instantly, and funds are available to spend right away

To contact Inmate Financial:

  • Inmate Financial Services of LA LLC, P.O. Box 278, Monterey, LA 71354
  • 1-855-700-0077

How does Inmate Financial work?

In prisons, inmates aren’t allowed to carry cash, so commissary credits are used to purchase items like toiletries, snacks, clothes, or other items. The only way inmates generally get commissary credits is to work a job in the prison, or to have funds deposited by a family member through a site like Inmate Financial. With this site, families can add money from a computer anywhere in the world.


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