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YC Rewards

  • Access a Yankee Candle rewards account
  • New users can register with a valid email address
  • Yankee Candle rewards is a must for anyone who shops at Yankee Candle more than a few times per month

The YC Rewards program will allow the member to earn points when purchasing Yankee Candle products or sharing Yankee Candle on social media.  The customer will earn reward points that can be used on future Yankee Candle purchases in store or online (Loyal Yankee Candle customer who are not a part of this rewards program are crazy!).  Don’t worry those who are new to the YC Rewards program will receive a smooth 3,000 bonus points just for becoming a member.  All that is required to join this amazing rewards program is the customers name and email address (please provide an email address which the customer has access to as Yankee Candle will send a confirmation email).  Once the customer has secured a YC rewards account that can start to earn reward points.  For every one dollar spent at Yankee Candle the members will earn 100 points (so a purchase of $100 would equal 1000 YC Reward points!).  Please note it may take up to 24 hours for the purchase to update and for the new points balance to show un in a Yankee Candle rewards account.  Once the customer has saved up 10,000 reward points they will receive a $5 voucher (aka a $5 off coupon) that can be used to purchase some fabulous candles.

YC Rewards Notes

  • A mailing address is NOT required at sign up
  • Those who do provide a mailing address will earn an additional 3500 rewards points
  • Previous Yankee Candle purchases cannot be added to a new rewards account

Any questions in regards to the YC Rewards program can be directed to Fanclub@Yankeecandle.com (please include the customers name when asking a question that requires a response).  Those who wish to delete their YC Rewards account can send an email with the title “Delete Fan Club Account”.


  1. www.ycrewards.com