www.verizonwireless.com/printlabel – Print a VZW Label Online

Verizon Wireless Print Label

  • If a customer is returning a Verizon phone, the Verizon Print label web site provides a prepaid shipping label they can tape to the box
  • Customers shipping a phone back to Verizon need to keep a copy of the prepaid label they printed, as Verizon Wireless will not process any claims or provide any refunds for a package the customer does not have tracking information for Via the Verizon Wireless Print Label service
  • Returning a Verizon phone does not automatically terminate Verizon phone service
  • To cancel service and avoid any charges, a customer must contact Verizon Customer Service at the phone number listed on their receipt

Verizon customers who visit the Verizon Print Label web site and log in will be able to print any shipping labels attached to their account. When signing on to print a shipping label, customers will need their Verizon User ID or their Verizon mobile number. If no shipping label appears when customers log in, it means that there is not currently a Verizon return associated with this account. Once a Verizon shipping label has been printed, it’s ready to be used, and the customer doesn’t need to do anything else.

Verizon Wireless Print Label Highlights

  • VZW allows customers to use this as a free service
  • Labels can only be printed in black and white

When Verizon receives the customer’s complete and undamaged phone, they will issue a refund that may take 3 to 7 weeks depending on the purchase method. If a customer billed their cell phone purchase to a Verizon account, they will  receive a credit within two billing cycles.

How to return a Verizon phone through the mail with a prepaid label

To send back a Verizon phone, customers simply print the prepaid, pre-addressed return shipping label and tape it to the outside of the shipping box. Customers will need to keep a copy of the shipping label for their records as to serve as proof of shipment for any insurance purposes.

  • A $35 restocking fee will apply to almost all Verizon wireless device returns all wireless phone exchanges


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