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PA Home Fund

  • The PA Home Fund Service is designed to give residents in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York  information about special funding for home improvements
  • PAHomeFund offers home loans that are used for energy efficient improvements that end up saving the homeowner money in the long run
  • Consumers living outside the states of NJ, PA, and NY are not allowed to access the PA Home Fund services
  • Any questions in regards to PA Home Fund services can be directed to 800-235-5549

Homeowner funding through PA Home Fund is available to any member of the public who lives in these states and who owns their own home. PAHomeFund is not affiliated with the government in any capacity. To fill out an application for home improvement funding from PA Home Fund, applicants will need to enter some basic information like their type of home, age of home, and type of improvements that are needed. Loan applicants will also need to write a brief description of what they want to use their home improvement loan for. Once a loan is approved, PA Home Fund will work with the homeowner to help find a service provider. When homeowners sign up for services from PA Home Fund, they are authorizing a copy of their credit report to be used to see if they qualify for a home improvement loan. Please note once a home loan application is submitted through the PA Home Fund service, applicants can expect to hear something back within 5 business days (PA Home Fund will contact an applicant, regardless of whether an application was approved or rejected).

What can funds from a PA Home Fund Loan be used for?

Some of the most common things homeowners will use their funds for include things like windows, bathroom, roof, siding, insulation, and heating and cooling. The only stipulation on a loan is that it must be the applicant’s primary place of residence, and that the loan must be used for an energy efficient improvement.


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