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Travelex UK

  • The Travelex UK service is an online currency exchange marketplace where customers can buy cash cards, get current exchange rates, and even buy foreign currency
  • Customers can not request specific denominations through Travelex, and will usually received a mixed about of high and low bills
  • The Travelex service is only available to customers who are at least 18 years old and located in the UK, and who are accessing the service from the United Kingdom
  • Any questions via phone can be directed to all 01985596
  • Any questions via mail should be sent to: Travelex, 4th floor, Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG

Through Travelex UK, travelers can buy a Cash Passport and Supercard currency card, purchase travelers checks and travel insurance, reload a current cash card, or make an international payment for buying property, tuition fees, one time payments, or even moving abroad permanently. When placing an online order with Travelex, most banks do place a brief hold on funds to make sure they’re available, so there may be some times where an order was not finally completed, but the money is taken from the account anyway. These funds are usually returned in 1 to 2 days. Travelx has a “price promise” for their currency exchange rates, where if a customer finds a better exchange price than the one offered by Travelex anywhere in the  in the UK (online or not), they can buy from Travelex and they will refund the difference between the two prices.

More about Travelex

Travelex began in 1976 when a man named Lloyd Dorfman opened their first location in Southampton Row, London. Today, they serve almost 40 million customers each year across 1,400 locations and 1,250 ATMs in 26 countries. Travelex spots are located at important airports, rail stations, seaport, and popular tourist locations… more than 40% of the world’s travel (1.7 billion people every year) is done through an airport where Travelex can be found.


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