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Hawaiian Credit Card

  • The Hawaiian credit card online portal lets customers with a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard can make a payment to their credit card, see the current balance, and view transactions
  • New cardholders of the Hawaiian Airlines card also get a 0% APR for 15 months on any balance transfers that are made within the first 45 days of the account being open.
  • Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard customers also get a one-time 50% off “companion discount” for the purchase of a round trip coach plane ticket from any North American destination to Hawaii

Customers who have a credit card from Hawaiian Airlines get a number of great benefits like an extra 35,000 bonus miles when they spend $1,000 in the first 90 days of their account being open, 2 times points on eligible purchases made directly from Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines miles points for all other purchases (with no mileage caps). Hawaiian Airlines card holders are entitled to one free checked bag on every Hawaiian Airlines flight, regardless of whether that flight was purchased with the Hawaiian Airlines credit card (not applicable to international flights).

Hawaiian Credit Card Notes

  • As long as the credit card remains in good standing, there is no limit to the number of miles a cardholder can earn on Hawaiian Airlines
  • A must for consumers who make frequent trips to Hawaii
  • Better than average credit required

How can customers get their 5,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles bonus?

  • Any bonus miles take about 4 to 6 weeks to credit to a Hawaiian Airlines credit card account
  • To contact a Barclays representative about the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard please call 1-866-928-8598

Customers who have a Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard can get an extra 5,000 bonus miles per year as long as they spend at least $10,000 with the card before the anniversary date each year. Customers do not have to earn the 5,000 miles bonus in consecutive years to keep the offer going (meaning a customer can get 5,000 Hawaiian bonus miles one year, not get it the next, then get it again next year).

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