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My UHOne

  • United Healthcare Insurance customers can set up an account online to use the My UH One service
  • Customers will need to wait between 2 to 4 days from the time their United Healthcare policy has been established before they try to set up their account online
  • New users will need to confirm a valid email address before access is granted

The easiest way for customers to view a United Healthcare claim online, to find the details of a United Healthcare plan (to see what is actually covered), or to make an appeal to a United Healthcare insurance claim is to use the My UH One service.  Customers can also print off a copy of their United Healthcare insurance card if they’ve lost theirs.  The My UH One service is set up for people who have health insurance through United Healthcare to be able to manage their account easily online, including finding their closest provider, reviewing United Healthcare claim information, view UHC benefits, finding useful health information and more.  My UH One is open to all customers who are insured through United Healthcare, but an account is not established automatically (the customer will need to set one up on their own).  Please note registration with United Healthcare online should only take customers a few minutes (once set up, an account will be able to be used right away).

How to set up a United Healthcare account online

To register for a new United Healthcare account online, customers will need to enter some important information like the first and last name of the primary insured (the account holder usually), the United Healthcare account number that’s associated with the account, and the primary insured person’s date of birth. The customer will then be asked to agree to the UHC online user, privacy, and security agreement and set up a UHC username and password.

To contact a representative of United Healthcare

  • Write to them at PO Box 31374,Salt Lake City, UT 84131-0374
  • (800)  657-8205


  1. www.myuhone.com