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Healthcare Open Enrollment

  • The Healthcare.gov service is set up for people who don’t have health insurance to learn more about what insurance options are available to them through the open marketplace
  • Members who already have their health insurance through the online marketplace will be enrolled in their same plan the next year (if it is available)
  • Before people apply, they can enter their personal information and get an estimated price that’s specific to their healthcare needs

People trying to get insurance through the healthcare.gov marketplace can only sign up during the open enrollment period each year. Once new members sign up during the ACA open enrollment period, they will need to make their first monthly payment within 30 days. After open enrollment, the specific insurer will contact the member by either phone, e-mail, or regular mail with updated information about how to make a payment. These payments are made to the actual insurance company, not the healthcare marketplace.  If people are automatically enrolled in an ACA healthcare plan they don’t like, then can sign on to make changes during open enrollment. Open enrollment for Obamacare is usually from the beginning of November to the end of January the following year, so people always have plenty of time to sign up for a new plan or to make changes to an old one.

Is coverage through Healthcare.gov automatically renewed?

While people automatically have their healthcare insurance renewed, that doesn’t mean that there will be no changes. If changes like cost or coverage are made to an Affordable Care Act plan, the plan holder will be notified in writing by the end of the calendar year, and will then have one month to log on and make any changes. Even if 2017 coverage has already started, people still have the opportunity to make changes until January 21.

To contact a Healthcare.gov representative

  • Call 1-800-318-2596


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