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My Benefits Conexis

  • Employees who have their benefits through Conexis will need to set up an online account to manage their benefits anywhere and any time they have Internet access
  • A valid e-mail address is required to sign up for Conexis benefits, because a validation message will be sent to confirm the account
  • To fully set up a Conexis Benefits Online, employees will need to know their account number (a Social Security number will work as well)

Setting up a Conexis benefits account online takes just a few minutes. A Conexis benefits account can not be activated online without an e-mail address. Employees can use the Conexis Benefits Online site to access their benefits and see as up to the minute information as possible. With the Conexis online system, customers can see copies of sent notices, find insurance premium payment information, and search for any eligibility updates to help the customer save money.

For employees who have more than one account with My Benefits Conexis (like employees who are both COBRA and direct bill participants), they will need to create unique logins for every single one of their accounts using those specific Conexis account numbers. The Conexis Benefits Online web site is only for participants in the program, and all usage is tracked.

More Important Info About Conexis

  • Conexis works with over 16,000 employers nationwide and handles hundreds of thousands of employee accounts
  • To contact Conexis about benefits information call 877.CONEXIS (or 877.266.3947)

Conexis is one of the Internet’s biggest providers of  benefits online, working with COBRA, Direct Bill, FSA, HRA, Retiree, HRA HSA, and Commuter Benefits account for a number of different companies. Conexis lets employers offer their employees these programs and services as hassle free and with as little cost as possible while still meeting all applicable federal mandates and laws.


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