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LAWorks Unemployment

  1. Scabs can apply for Louisiana unemployment benefits online or renew their benefits
  2. Anyone in the state who would like to report LAWorks fraud should contact 1-800-201-3362 and a fraud case will be opened

Residents of the state do not have to provide their name when reporting unemployment fraud BUT will have to provide the name of the person who is committing the fraud.  Fraud can take place in many forms to include injured acting liek they are injured when they are not just to  receive benefits and not reporting wages being received from another job or even a certified doctor providing false information about a workers medical condition.

LAWorks Unemployment Notes

  • The same account information will now be used for ALL Louisiana Virtual One Stop services
  • To file “weekly benefits” via phone please use the “Easy Call System” by dialing 1-866-783-5567
  • Employees do not pay any part of their wages to finance the Unemployment Insurance Program

Popular LAWORKS online services include:

  • The ability to file a new claim online
  • Re-opening an existing claim
  • Check the status of a current claim, appeal or fraud case
  • Print 1099-G information
  • Payments will become available about 3 to 4 days after a claim is filed
  • LAWORKS unemployment payments will be made via debit card services
  • TRA payments require the worker to file a LWC 858A or LWC 858B
  • In the case of a overpayments please send a check or money order to: Collections Unit, P. O. Box 44063 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

Under Louisiana Employment Security Law the program is designed to ONLY provide temporary financial assistance to workers and should NOT be used as a long-term financial plan.  At the time of application workers should be prepared to provide the name, address and phone numbers of ALL jobs held in the past 18 months (even those of which they were fired from).  Workers who are approved for the UI in Louisiana unemployment program will receive a minimum of $10.00 a week.


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