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USPS Employment City Carrier Assistance

  1. Learn more about the coveted city carrier assistant job with the United States Postal Service
  2. City Carrier Assistants are defined as full-time alternates for regular mailman

The United States Postal Service offers a YouTube video to better explain the city carrier assistant position and will help determine if the position is right for the applicant.  The job posting will usually fall under the term: City Carrier Assistant (CCA) and the average starting pay is currently around $15 per hour.

USPS Employment City Carrier Assistance Notes

  • Not a desk job as the carrier will be required to walk miles during the course of the week
  • City Carrier Assistance will be appointed a term that WILL NOT exceed 360 calendar days
  • Similar to a substitute teacher (the person will fill in for the primary mail deliver)
  • The position may lead to a full-time position with USPS
  • The applicant must be able to pick up heavy packages and willing to walk in hot and cold weather
  • Many city carriers describe the job as being overwhelming at the beginning
  • Not for a lazy person (hours start early in the AM)
  • Takes months of learning
  • Perfect for fit people who can’t stand working at a desk
  • CCAs are eligible for reappointment for another 360-day term

Any questions about the USPS Employment service can be directed to 1-800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777) or check out the United States Postal Service Facebook page at facebook.com/USPS.

United States Postal Service Lore

  • Responsible for mail delivery services to the citizens of the United States
  • Serves over 150 million residences with annual revenues over 60 billion US Dollars
  • Surprisingly has been named one of the Most Trusted Government Agencies

Other popular jobs with the United States Postal Service include Mail Handler Assistant, Tractor Trailer Operator, Automotive Technician and Industrial Engineers.  During the course of the application the applicant will have to show r3ecent employment history and show proof of a safe driving record if applying for a position at USPS that requires driving.


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