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Cable Settlement

  1. Provides details about the class action lawsuit entitled Glaberson et al v. Comcast et al,
  2. It is estimated that more than Comcast 800,000 subscribers  will be included in this settlement

The case is in the jurisdiction of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania and is case number 03-06604. Comcast Corp. has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit that alleges that it overcharged cable television subscribers. The more than decade-old lawsuit, which was initially filed in 2003, accused the company of illegally monopolizing the cable television services market by changing the coverage areas or buying out rival companies. According to the lawsuit, these practices resulted in increased prices for the company’s cable television services. The company has been fighting the lawsuit for years, but finally agreed to reach a settlement while still denying any wrongdoing so as to avoid the cost of a trial.

Who is eligible for the settlement benefits?

The benefits for the settlement reached are available all current subscribers of Cable Television services from Comcast, its subsidiaries or any of its affiliates. Previous customers who had active subscription between Jan 1st 2003 and Dec 31st 2008 are also eligible for the settlement benefits. All class members must have or have had a subscription other than that of the basic cable television service in Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery or Delaware counties.

What are the settlement benefits?

The settlement reached by Comcast Corp and the plaintiff was $50 million. Under the agreement, Comcast will give eligible former subscribers a one time payment of $15. Current subscribers on the other hand can opt for one of the following settlement benefits:

1) A one time $15 payment to be deducted on their cable TV bill
2) Free internet service upgrade valued at approximately $40 dollars (This benefits are only available only to subscribers of Xfinity High Speed Internet service) and will cover anyone who subscribe to video programming services from Comcast between 2003 and 2008
3) Six free pay-per-view movies valued at approximately $35.94
4) Two moths free viewing of the Movie Channel

How to file for a claim

To receive the settlement benefits, all eligible class members must file a claim by filling an online form available at CableSettlement.com. Class members must also prove their eligibility by providing a proof of purchase and the address where they received the services.


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