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Go Program Way2GoCard

  • Residents who are approved for Georgia Unemployment benefits will receive their funds on a prepaid debit card (called the Way2Go card) that is accepted anywhere Mastercard is
  • People in Georgia who are receiving unemployment benefits can choose to receive their funds deposited directly into their bank account or the Way 2 Go card
  • Individuals who are receiving Georgie unemployment benefits can switch between direct deposit and a Way 2 Go card at any time

With the Georgia unemployment Go Program website, residents can access their Way 2 Go card benefits information like seeing the balance on their account, viewing recent transactions, and maintaining their account information. A Way2Go card can be used to get cash from any ATM by using the checking or savings button.

The Way 2 Go program card is issued by Comerica Bank, and was installed to replace paper check payments. The last Georgia unemployment checks were mailed in November of 2012. Each time a new deposit is made to the account, customers will receive a notification via text alert or e-mail.

Upon receiving their card for the first time, Georgia residents will need to activate their Way2Go card before it can be used. Customers cannot spend more than the balance on their Way2Go card.

What charges are there with the Georgia Unemployment Way 2 Go card?

There are no fees to use the Way2Go card in a store or online, but there are some charges to use the card to get cash from an out of network ATM. There is a 50 cent fee to use the card for automatic bill payments. After 12 months of inactivity on a Way2Go card, there is a $1.75 per month fee until the balance on the card is depleted.  Any questions about the Go Pogram Way2GoCard service can be directed to (706) 721-3131.

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