www.tryitnow.com – IT Cosmetics Promotional Offer

Try It Now

  • With the “Try It Now” web site, customers are introduced to It Cosmetics, an innovative line of cosmetics that was produced with some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons
  • It Cosmetics come with a 60 day money back guarantee, where products can be returned even if their containers are empty (the customer just pays for shipping and handling)
  • If a customer decides they don’t like IT Cosmetics, they can return the product for a full refund (minus shipping costs) even if they’ve used it all

IT Cosmetics have been shown to produce dramatic results in just 10 days, including smoother looking skin (which 95% of users saw), a reduction of visible wrinkles (85% of customers saw this), and smaller looking pores (77% of customers reported this). Any free gift the customer got as part of a promotional offer when they ordered  IT makeup is theirs to keep, even if the rest of the product is returned.

Try It Now Highlights

  • One of IT’s most popular products is the “Bye Bye Foundation” full coverage moisturizer, which provides anti aging skin care along with SPF 50 protection
  • Bye Bye Foundation is so good for skin that many customers report sleeping with it on to increase results
  • Caters to young to middle aged women with somewhat healthy skin
  • All cosmetics from IT are created with skincare in mind, with high quality protectants and pigments the biggest priority

All of IT’s products are able to be used in different increments, meaning customers can choose “one pump,” “two pump,” or “three pump” treatments depending on their specific skin condition.

More to Know About IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics was founded by Jaime Kern Lima, a news anchor who wanted skin that was always camera ready. But when hereditary rosacea and other skin conditions left her spending hours in the makeup chair, she decided to create her own makeup.  Any questions in regards to the Try It Now promotional offer can be directed to 800-465-7613.


  1. www.tryitnow.com