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Enterprise Portal Disney

  • Access the Disney Enterprise Hub with a username
  • Operated by The Walt Disney Company
  • Easy to use

The Disney Hub is designed for employees and will provide the views for Walt Disney World, ESPN, Disney Consumer Products and the Disneyland Resor.  Please note the Hub is a dynamic service and is capable of providing different information to employees, groups or even individuals, depending on roles.  First time users will have to go through a short registration process in which they will have to provide their name, phone number, and a valid email address.  Please use an email address in good standing as Disney will send a confirmation email to verify enrollment.  Once the user has completed the registration process they can sleep easy knowing they will never have to go through that annoying process again.  Please note because EnterprisePortal.Disney.com requires confidential personal information, the Disney IT Support Center cannot register for the user.  Those who have already registered for the Disney hub service but are unable to access their account should reach out to the Disney IT Support Center for assistance.  The Disney IT Support Center can be reached during normal working hours at 1-866-5Disney.  It should be noted that two employees (aka Disney team members) are allowed to share a computer to access My Disney TEAM (the employees simply needs to log off and allow the new user to access the hub).  Not only is the Enterprise Portal designed for Disney employees but it can also be access by Disney contractors.

The Walt Disney Company

  • Burbank, CA based mass media company
  • Founded by the iconic Walt Disney in 1923
  • Employs around 200,000

The Walt Disney Company is a multi billion dollar mass media business and has its tentacles in everything from sports (i.e. the NFL) to kids movies to theme parks.  Some of the firms most profitable business lines include ESPN, Pixar, and the ever popular Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, FL.


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