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Cooper Vision Rebates

  • Access the new and improved CooperVision Rebate submission form
  • Entering a rebate will take less than 2 minutes to complete
  • Customers can sleep easy knowing they did not pay full price for the CooperVision product

The CooperVision Rebates form requires the customer to provide their offer from code from the rebate form received when purchasing CooperVision contact lenses, eye exam receipt, contact lenses sales receipt, and the Two Product Box End Panels (one for each eye) showing prescription information.  The CooperVision Rebates form can be uploaded online or submitted by mail.  Once the form has been sent/uploaded please allow up to 8 weeks for the rebate to process (customers who upload the form will receive the rebate faster than customers who send it via snail mail).  All rebates MUST be submitted within 60 days of making the purchase and within 90 days of the customers eye exam.  Only one Cooper Vision Rebates submission is allowed per 12 month period and the costly monthly maintenance fee for rebate prepaid gift card waived for first 6 months after issuance.  Any questions on regards to the Cooper Vision Rebate process can be directed to 1-855-5-COOPER or 1-855-526-6737 between the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET, Monday – Friday.  Any eye care offices that want to jump on board the Cooper rebate train can dial 800-341-2020 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM ET, Monday – Friday.

CooperVision.com/Rebates Notes

  • Uploading the form online is fast and easy
  • Customers also have the option to send the form via US mail
  • Customers who already submitted a rebate can check the status online with their confirmation number
  • Two end panels are required, one for each eye
  • If the customer purchased a different lens for each eye the customer will submit two different product end panels

Those who choose to mail the rebate form can send it to: CooperVision 209 High Point Drive Suite 100 Victor, NY 14564.


  1. www.coopervision.com/rebates