– BWW Employee Self Service Access – BWW Employee Self-Service Access

  1. Allows BWW employees online access to their ESS account
  3. Visit to gain an employee account access
  4. The service is operated by multi pro with permission from Buffalo Wild Wings
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings employees will not have to pay for this online service

The My Buffalo Wild Wings ESS service allows current employees to update employment information, set up a direct deposit, and change mailing addresses.  Any questions about the BWW ESS service should be directed to the employee’s local HR department or Buffalo Wild Wings store manager.  Please note that Buffalo Wild Wings employees are not required to sign up for the self-service access portal, but it will make their work life much more accessible (a valid email address is required upon sign-up).  Buffalo Wild Wings (aka BWW or B Dubs) is headquarters at 5500 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 1600, Minneapolis, MN 55416, and boasts over 1 billion US dollars in revenues.

The firm will run gimmicky commercials repeatedly during popular sporting TV events such as the NFL Playoffs, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, MLB, and NHL games.

Any issues concerning the employment information found within the BWW Employee Self-Service portal should be directed to the employee’s manager or HR department (if available).  Please do not contact the Buffalo Wild Wings corporate office with issues regarding payment or the number of hours worked as they do not have access to this information.

Buffalo Wild Wings Business Profile

  • Sports theme bar and restaurant
  • It can be found in the suburbs of large cities and college towns
  • Caters to sports fans
  • Offers some of the best chicken wings in the Western culture
  • Operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and The Philippines

Best BWW Wings

  1. Desert Head (dry)
  2. Honey BBQ (wet)
  3. Chipotle BBQ (dry)
  4. Mango Habanero (wet)
  5. Hot BBQ (wet)

Please note the above wet and dry statements are defined as “dry” using a dry rub on the wing & “wet” using a wet sauce on the wing.  All BWW wings are available in traditional (wing-in) and boneless styles.