www.aarp.org/activation – Activate AARP Membership Account Online

AARP Activation

  • People who are at least 50 years old can register for AARP and activate their AARP account online to manage their AARP account, find out about local AARP events, and more
  • To activate an AARP account online, members will need to have their AARP member ID, and will need to enter their first name, last name, and birthday
  • Online activation isn’t required to be an AARP member or to get an AARP membership card, but it is the best way to get the most from an AARP membership

Once AARP members activate their account online, they will have instant access to the AARP web site (there’s no waiting period or confirmation period). AARP (also called the American Association of Retired Persons) is a non-profit membership organization for seniors. Over 37,000,000 people are members of AARP, and the organization has an annual revenue of almost $1.5 billion. Registering an AARP account online is not mandatory, but members are missing out on money-saving information by not signing up for an AARP online account.

AARP Activation Highlights

  • Takes less than 60 seconds to activate
  • All AARP accounts are eligible for online membership, which lets people update their AARP information quickly and conveniently, and see all AARP membership benefits in seconds
  • Requires a valid email address
  • An AARP membership is a must for people over the age of 65

Why join AARP?

AARP members get a number of great discounts and ways to save money, plus information about managing finances, health, wellbeing and more. Members also get AARP discounts on travel (including car rentals, cruises, flights, hotel stays), online purchases (including 1-800-Flowers, the Popcorn Factory, Cheryl’s Cookies and HearUSA Hearing Shop).

  • Members can use the AARP web site to search for local restaurants that offer an AARP discount
  • To contact AARP about online account activation: AARP, 601 E Street, NW, Washington DC 20049


  1. www.aarp.org/activation