nylaarp.com/service login, Account, Phone Number

NYL AARP Service Login

  • Allows customers to manage an account, make payments, and manage beneficiaries’ services online
  • To access the service, the customer must sign in with their username and password (those who do not have an account will have to go through a short registration process)
  • Visit www.nylaarp.com/service login
  • Once registered, the NYL AARP customer can begin to make payments, update personal account information (i.e., phone number or mailing address), access commonly used forms, and manage their beneficiaries.

The NYL AARP Service is free to use (no annual fee), and payments can be made online by accessing the “My Payments” tab from the account homepage.  Please note customers are NOT required to register for an NYL AARP service account to make a payment online; they can always make an online payment as a “guest” (but customers are encouraged to register as it saves time as the customer will not have to fill out a lengthy guest payment form every time).  A form should access the “Quick Access” tab from their account homepage.

What is needed to register for an NYL AARP Service account online?

  • Last four digits of the customer’s SSN
  • NYL AARP Certificate/Contract Number
  • Date of birth
  • The email address that has not been used previously to create an NYL AARP (An email address can only be used to create one account – so if a spouse or other family member also has a Certificate/Contract, they will need their separate email address)

To report a life insurance claim via the NYL AARP service, the customer will have to download a “claims packet” (please note the “claims packet” can only be mailed).  Please read the instructions attached to the claims packet and mail it to Attention: Claims Department, PO BOX 30713, Tampa, FL, 33630.

Phone Number

If you have any questions about the NYL AARP service or want to discuss how to obtain additional coverage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a customer service agent at 800-850-2658 anytime from Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 10 pm or Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm (all times all ET).