www.subcard.subway.co.uk – Scan For Free Subs With SUBCARD


  • Use the SUBCARD when making a purchase in Subways across the UK and Ireland to receive reward points which can be redeemed for free food and drinks
  • The SUBCARD rewards program is free to sign up for and only requires a valid email address
  • The SUBCARD can be requested at the time of purchase or loyal Subway customers can download it via the App (customers who register in a Subway store will have to fill out a bothersome form with the customer details)

Once the customer has a SUBCARD they should immediately register the card as cards that are registered will earn twice the amount of points versus cards that are not registered.  An unregistered account will earn 5 points for every €1.50 spent in ROI and 5 points for every £1 spent in the UK.  PLUS the card will have to be registered eventually as Subway customers are not allowed to redeem the reward points without register the SUBCARD.  If the rewards member misplace or has their card stolen please login online and freeze the SUBCARD account ASAP.

What are the SUBCARD reward points good for and how many are needed?

  • 100 points equals a free hot drink (aka coffee)
  • 500 points will get the customer a 6 inch sub for FREE
  • 1000 points will get the customer a FOOT LONG for free
  • Subway Republic of Ireland customers will earn 10 points for every €1.50 while UK or Northern Ireland will receive 10 points for every £1 spent 🙁
  • The 6 inch or foot long sub can be substituted for a flatbread
  • Customers who use their card at least once every 7 days will earn 20 points for every £1 / €1.50 spent

It is recommended that most SUBCARD Subway UK reward members hold out for the free 6 inch or foot long sub as the drink is not really worth spending 100 reward points on.  Please note the following phone are compatible with SUBCARD app: the iPhone, Android, Phones that support Java MIDP 2.0 and Nokia Symbian devices.


  1. www.subcard.subway.co.uk