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VZW Unlimited

  • Learn more about the Verizon Wireless unlimited plan
  • Ideal for consumers who use a lot of data
  • Verizon is ranked the number #1 network in the US

The VZW Unlimited plan comes with high-end HD video streaming and mobile hotspot included for no extra charge.  Please note Verizon Phones purchases at a discounted price with the monthly access charge will remain at $40 until each device contract expires.  Once each device contract expires, the monthly access charge automatically drops to $20.  Verizon customers who do opt into the unlimited plan will not be able to take advantage of employee discounts (or corporate plan discounts).  Those who do secure the unlimited plan should absolutely sign up for the Auto Pay and paper-free billing option which will save then a smooth 5 bucks a month off the monthly account access fee for a single-line plan, and an additional $10 off for a multi-line plan.  Please note members of the US military are still able to receive their US Military discount even if they enroll into the unlimited plan.  The VZW Unlimited plan cost include $65 for the monthly plan, $20 for smart phone access, and then subtract 5 bucks for the auto pay discount (assuming the consumer is smart and signs up for this promotion).  The total amount for a single user under the VZW Unlimited plan will come to 80 bucks (minus the discount).

This sounds good and all BUT what does the plan include?

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • HD video streaming
  • High end customer support (i.e. customer support agents who speak CLEAR English)
  • Mobile hotspots
  • Sleep easy knowing you have the best network on the planet as Verizon was named the Highest wireless network quality performance in all 6 regions from J.D. Power
  • Any questions in regards to the Verizon Unlimited plan can be directed to 1-800-922-0204


  1. www.vzw.com/unlimited