www.usbankfocus.com activate – U.S. Bank Visa Focus Debit Card

US Bank Focus

  • Activate an US Bank Focus debit card online
  • This is a reloadable debit card (not a credit card)
  • Once funds are placed on the card the customer can use it to make purchases online, via phone or mail-order purchases

The US Bank Focus card can be used anywhere the Visa logo is presented and will not harm or improve a credit score.  The Focus card is ideal for the consumer who only needs to spend what money they have available.  The US Bank Focus card also comes with free email or text alerts that will remind a card holder when a payment is due, when a purchase has been made out of states, and when funds have been deposited into their account.  The Focus card is also available as a Mobile App via the Google Play app store or the Apple App store (the mobile download should be free).  Any questions in regards to the US Bank Focus prepaid debit card can be directed to 877-474-0010 (please call this number Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm).  Please note the card will arrive from Indianapolis, IN and instructions on how to activate the card will be in the arrival letter.  Those who are not sure how to activate the card should call the toll-free number (877-474-0010) found on the back of the Focus card.

US Bank Focus card notes

  • Once the customer has activate their card they will be asked to create a 4 digit PIN number
  • This PIN number will be required to make purchases and obtain cash at an ATM
  • Please sign the card once it has arrived
  • Unsigned cards are not valid
  • Usually purchases being made that exceeds the available limit of funds will NOT be approved
  • Once in a BLUE MOON the customer card may go into a negative balance


  1. www.usbankfocus.com activate