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Try Bow Flex Max

  • Those who need to loose a few pounds and build muscle should pay attention to this offer
  • The Try Bow Flex Max promotional offer will allow the customer to save hundreds of dollars
  • Please use the code presented with the promotional page at the time of purchase

The Try Bow Flex Max promotional offer is for a limited time only and Bow Flex reserves the right to terminate the offer at any point in time for any reason.  The offer is only good for those living in the lower 48 states as the bow Flex Max workout machine is to expensive to ship to Alaska or Hawaii.  Prices are subject to change and Bow Flex will NOT ship to international locations.  Any questions in regards to the Try Bow Flex Max promotional offer can be directed (800) 243-9827 (potential customer may also obtain more information via the live chat service… please note the live chat service is not always available).  At this time there are only 3 different Max Trainer models as follows: M3 model which cost $999.00, the M5 model which cost $1,599.00, and the M7 model which cost $2,199.00.  Most casual fitness users can get by with the M3 or M5 model while hard core fitness buffs will want to opt for the more expensive M7 version.  The Bow Flex machine will give the users a full body workout and especially target the arms and legs.  The Try Bow Flex Max trainer will arrive in 2 seperate boxes and the customer will be required to assemble some of the product.

Try Bow Flex Max Notes

  • A must for someone looking to get a beach body
  • Bow Flex provides getting started videos to help with assembly
  • In home assembly service and the new Bowflex Protection Plan can be added for additional cost, however they do offer special financing


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