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Throwback Sunny D

  • Provide an email address to win the Totally Sunny Grand Prize
  • The Throwback Some Sun Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes is sponsored by the Sunny Delight Beverages Co and will run from January 4, 2016 until April 15, 2016
  • Employees of Sunny Delight Beverages are not allowed to enter and all other contestants must be 13 years of age or older and a legal resident of the USA

No purchase is required to enter the Throw Back Sunny D promotional sweepstakes and the total value of all prizes associated with the sweepstakes are valued at $21,412.39.   The Throwback Sunny D grand prize is valued at $1,047.39 and will be drawn on or around April 29, 2016 (the grand prize consist of Polaroid CUBE camera, a pair of Rollerblade Skates, an iHome Boombox, a pair of LA Gear shoes, a Sega Genesis – Ultimate Portable Game Player, a Sunny D branded T-Shirt, a Retro Phone Handset, and a Digital Music Download according to the contest rules page).

Other popular prizes associated with the Throwback promotion by Sunny D include:

  • Digital Music Downloads (more than 10,000 of these type downloads will be given away)
  • Retro Phone Handset (cool)
  • Sunny D T-Shirt (lame)
  • Sega Genesis – Ultimate Portable Game Player (borderline cool)
  • Polaroid CUBE camera (very cool but only 10 of these will be given away)

When entering please have the Sunny D unique code on hand (game codes can be found on speciality marked products of Sunny D).

Contestants who would like to enter the Throwback Sunny D promotion without making a costly purchase should visit http://bit.ly/1kGiHXC and complete the registration form.  Contestants will receive up to 5 free entries using this method.

The Sunny Delight Beverages Co. corporate office can be found at 10300 Alliance Road, #500 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.  Besides Sunny D the firm also markets Elations, Fruit2O, and Veryfine.  Looking to reach Sunny D by phone or email?: Email: Service.Fin@SunnyD.com and Phone: 1-800-395-5849.


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