www.att.com/mobilepurchases – Manage Mobile Purchases Online

ATT Mobile Purchases

  • Allows AT&T customers can manage their purchases and subscriptions online
  • Please note this is for wireless customers only (not designed for AT&T GoPhones)
  • Customers can view recent charges, cancel subscriptions (no reason needed), and block or set purchase limits

The AT&T Mobile Purchases service is free to use for all AT&T wireless customers and AT&T Smart Limits can only limit mobile purchases billed through AT&T.  When making a mobile purchase with AT&T the purchase will be automatically billed to the customers AT&T wireless account and will appear as separate charges from the rest of the bill.  Customers who have a family plan may want to look into adding the Purchase Blocker service that will prevent children from making unwanted purchases (i.e. games, apps) on their phones (which will be charged to the wireless plan).  The “Purchase Blocker” service is FREE to add and will stop mobile purchases and buying subscriptions sold by other companies that would be billed to the given AT&T account.

AT&T Mobile Purchases Common Issues and Tips

  • Purchase Blocker must be added to each wireless number (so if there are 4 numbers under one plan the Purchase Blocker service must be added to all four numbers)
  • When viewing mobile purchases online customers will be sent a one time 8-digit PIN
  • This PIN number will arrive in the form of a text message
  • To remove a feature associated with the mobile plan (i.e.AT&T Mobile Insurance, AT&T Navigator) the customer must visit the “change wireless plan and features” portion of their account
  • It is recommended that customers set up an alert (either email or text message or both) when a mobile purchase is made

Any questions about the any purchases or account issues related to AT&T mobile purchases can be directed to 800.331.0500 (or simply input 611 from the customers AT&T wireless phone).  This mobile purchase service is a must for any customers who have family members under one plan.


  1. www.att.com/mobilepurchases