£50 Vaporized Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes

Tell Vaporized

  • Provide feedback in regards to a Vaporized purchase and earn an entry to win a £50 Vaporized gift card
  • In order to start the survey the customer must select the visited location from the drop down menu
  • Customers only need to answer a few questions totaling around 5 minutes of their time also requires the date of purchase along with the time of purchase in order to proceed.  Once all the required information is provided the customer will be asked a series of questions with 1 being the lowest score possible and 10 being the highest score possible.  Once all the feedback has been provided the customer will be asked to provide their gender (i.e. male or female) along with their age range.  In order to enter the Tell Vaporized survey sweepstakes the contestant will have to provide their name, postcode, and email address.  Please be sure to use a good standing email address as the lucky £50 Vaporized Gift Card winner will be contacted by email. Survey Instructions

  1. Make a purchase and get Vaporized
  2. Navigate to the survey URL (i.e.
  3. Input the required information
  4. Answer all the survey questions
  5. Provide information to enter the promotion
  6. Cross fingers in hopes of winning Survey Notes

  • A must for Vaporized FAN BOYS
  • All feedback will be used to increase customer service and will never be sold to another firm
  • Vaporized reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of this promotion at any point in time
  • Vaporized FAN BOYS who fail to take the survey will most likely lose a great deal of sleep knowing they did not help improve their local e-cig shop

Contestants/customers can also sign up for receive more promotional information and/or offers from Vaporized.  Any questions in regards to the survey can be directed to 0131 333 3004 or email (for questions that require an answer please leave a return phone number).