Login, Access MyAflac Online Account

Sell Aflac

  • Access a MyAflac account online
  • Requires a username and password
  • New associated will have to register

Sell Aflac users can also login with their Associate E-mail if for some strange reason the myAflac service is unavailable.  Associates who do not provide the correct username or password will receive a “that login information is incorrect” statement associated with an explanation point.  Sell Aflac associates who have misplaced their password can track it down (i.e. start the password recovery process) by providing their User name in the provided field and click the submit button.  Those who are brand spanking new to the Sell Aflac service will receive an email from Aflac upon sign up which will provide a link to their personal profile (in order to finalize the activation process the associate will have to click on the link).  Please note Associates/Agents and Coordinators: enter the first part of their official Aflac e-mail address (before the @ sign) as thr User Name (i.e. john_doe is the User Name for the associate/agent with the e-mail address of  Please note employees: Use the user name (E-number, V-number, or Social Security number) and password that they normally use to log into the AFLAC network.  Those who are still having issues logging into the Sell Aflac web page should check their Caps Lock function to verify it is not engaged and disengage the “AutoComplete” function of the users browser (if applicable).  Sell Aflac is available 24 hours a day and all questions about the service can be directed to Aflac Business Services at 800.992.3522.

Aflac Business Services Benefits

  • Provides online billing
  • Allows the user to review, print, export and save electronic copies of their Aflac invoice
  • View and update employee information
  • Print forms that are used on a frequent basis
  • View the payroll deduction amounts of employees with issued policies and a list of employees with insurance applications pending review