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Sprint Order Deals

  • Those switching their cell phone service to Sprint, customers can save as much as 50% 0ver other wireless carriers
  • Customers who are thinking about switching to Sprint can visit the Sprint Orders Deals page to see what current deals are available from Sprint
  • When customers who are currently on another cell phone plan switch to Sprint, they may get $650 in switching fees covered by Sprint

One of the best Sprint deals is the Unlimited Freedom deal, which gives customers unlimited minutes and texting plus unlimited data for streaming videos, gaming, and music (and unlimited 4G data for everything else). Sprint trade in deals often offer $90 to 120 port-in credit (customers must lease their new eligible device with a 17 month, 18 month or 24 month term). An activation fee of $30 does apply to new Sprint phones. Customers switching to Sprint can purchase either a new iPhone or a new Android device and still have their switch fees paid for.

Sprint Order Deals Notes

  • Ideal for consumers who are sick of paying to much for wireless services
  • Be aware that Sprints coverage is not as good as Verizon Wireless
  • This is currently one of the better promotions going in the wireless service industry

The amount required to cover the switch of up to $650 will be paid to the customer as an American Express rewards gift card and the bill credit will be paid out over the course of three Sprint invoices.

More info about the Sprint “Save 50%” Deals

  • The Sprint activation coverage deals apply only to non-discounted phones
  • To contact Sprint about an order 1-844-645-2297

The “Save 50%” deal from Sprint applies to monthly plans only, and does not include Sprint competitor promotional or sale price. Features do differ from carrier to carrier, but the Sprint Save 50 deals don’t count plans that have unlimited music and video streaming, or ones with data carryover, or ones with any cloud storage options.


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