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Sprint My Account Login

  • Access a Sprint account online with a username and password
  • Customers who are new to the Sprint My Account service with have to go through a bothersome but short registration process
  • The service will also provide limited time promotional offers that current customers can take advnatge of (i.e. order online and Sprint will waive the $30 upgrade fee)

The Sprint My Account Login service is free to use and customers will have to provide a valid email address along with their Sprint phone number when registering (customers also have the option of using their serial or account number in lieu of their Sprint phone number at registration).  The Sprint serial number can be located on a sticker on the devices battery and will have the words ESN, DEC, HEX, MEID, or MAC printed on it.  Sprint My Account Login customers can find their account number in the top right hand corner of any mailings from Sprint in regards to their account.

Sprint My Account Highlights

  • Allows a customer to quickly pay a bill online
  • Customers can also update information such as an address or phone number without making a bothersome phone call
  • Offers a tracking service in which customers can track a recent product purchase from Sprint

Customers using the Sprint My Account service can also check the status of a rebate.  When checking the status of a rebate please have the tracking number on hand (this number can be located in the email confirmation that was sent from Sprint after the rebate was submitted).  Please allow up to 21 days for a Sprint rebate submission to show up in the account service system.  Customers can also track the status of a Sprint rebate by name and zip code.

Any questions about the Sprint My Account service can be directed to a top notch customer service agent at 1-866-866-7509.


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