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Send Money to School

  • Deposit money to a school kids account to they can eat
  • Access an account with an email address and password
  • Please login with the email address used at the time of sign up

The Send Money to School service is operated by the Meal Magic Corporation.  Parents who are new to the service will want to relax and take a few deep breaths before signing up.  At the time of registration the parent will have to provide a valid email address and their name (please do not use the child’s name as they will complicate things down the line when it comes to making a payment).  Please note the food service department at the child’s school and its agents have direct access to the Send Money to School information.  Meal Magic Corporation and its agents have access only to the extent necessary for processing deposits and maintaining the web site.  Parents who send their kid to school with a lunch box every day will have little use for this service.  On top of making deposits to a child’s account the parent can also view the child’s account activity and see what the child has purchased (make sure they are not spending all the cash on potato chips and candy bars!).  Once a deposit has been made to a Send Money to School account pleases allow around 15 minutes for the money to be posted to an account (in some cases due to circumstances beyond control, occasional processing delays could occur… stay calm and take deep breaths and try back in 10 minutes if this happens).  When making a deposit the child’s ID number will be required.  Lost in space parents who are not sure what their child’s ID number is will have to contact the school (ALL questions about the children’s balances, meal histories, and requesting refunds MUST be directed to the school.

SendMoneyToSchool.com Notes

  • A must for parents looking to save time
  • All major credit cards can be used as a form of payment
  • Send Money to School can be contacted via Facebook and Twitter


  1. www.sendmoneytoschool.com