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Prepaid Rewards Center

  • Access a prepaid rewards account online
  • In order to access a card account the user will have to enter the first 6 digits of the prepaid reward card number
  • Those who do not have a prepaid rewards card will not be able to access the center

PrepaidRewardsCenter.com is super easy to use and once the customer has gained access to their account they can update their information, review rewards, and check on recent payments or purchases.  Lackadaisical customers who lost their prepaid rewards card or have had it stolen will have to file a bothersome Affidavit of Fraud form in order to start the replacement card process.  The prepaidrewardscenter.com affidavit of fraud form must be notarized by a current and licensed notary public to be valid and mailed to: Cardholder Services 700 State Highway 121 Bypass Suite 200 Lewisville, TX 75067… please be sure to include the customers name, return address, card number if available, phone number, email address along with proper postage.  Please note faxed or copies of the completed affidavit of fraud form will not be accepted and the customer will most likely lose hours of sleep knowing they have to file that form again.

www.PrepaidRewardsCenter.com Notes

  • Not a credit card (so it will not improve or harm a credit score
  • Any questions in regards to the Prepaid Rewards card can be directed to the toll-free number on the back of the card
  •  Please allow up to 7 days for the dispute to be processed
  • If the customer is lucky enough to have a replacement card issued please allow up to 30 days for the replacement card to arrive via US Mail (there is no way to expedite this process to don’t even bother trying)
  • All replacement cards will be issued to the address listed on the affidavit of fraud form


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