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Prepaid Gift Balance

  • Check how much money is left to spend on a gift card
  • All gift cards via this service are issued by US National Bank Association
  • These gift cards are either Visa or MasterCard gift cards

In order to check a prepaid gift card balance the customer will need to provide the card account number if they are a returning customer or they will have to create an account with the 16 digit gift card number.  Those who already have an account but are having trouble logging in should check the card number and 3 digit card verification code and try entering them again OR if the problem still persist please dial the toll-free number on the back of the gift card for high-end customer support.  Please note these gift cards are NOT credit cards and the U.S. Bank Visa and MasterCard Gift Card are considered debit cards that will carry a fixed balance amount (meaning that the user cannot spend more money than is on the card).  Even though a PIN number is associated with the gift card customers are not able to withdraw cash from the card and each time the card is used to pay for a purchase the  purchase amount is automatically deducted from the gift card balance.  The US Bank gift cards are accepted anywhere in the United States (to include Alaska and Hawaii) and are available for purchase in denotations of $15, $20 $25, $50, and $100 dollars.  These gift cards make an excellent gift for any occasion to include sweet 16 birthdays, 50th anniversary, Christmas, Easter, BUT not Valentines Day (hint: guys do not give your sweetheart a $15 Visa gift card for V-Day).

Prepaid Gift Balance Notes

  • Cards will have a minimum $20 load (max: $500)
  • If the card is stolen US Bank will charge a costly $5.95 replacement fee 🙁
  • DO NOT pay at the pump with US Bank prepaid gift cards

Any questions in regards to the US Bank prepaid gift cards can be directed to 1‐888‐853‐9536.  Those who fail to use the card to make a purchase in the first 12 months (or any period of 12 conescutive months) will be charged an inactivity fee of $2.00 per month which will be debited from the gift card balance.