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Zagg Register

  1. Register a Zagg product online to gain warranty protection services
  2. New customers will have to create a Zagg account while returning customers can simply sign in

Any questions about the registration process can be directed to a Zagg customer care agent at 1-800-700-9244(ZAGG) or by email via questions@zagg.com (Please allow up to 48 hours for Zagg customer support to reply via email).

Zagg Business Lore

Zagg.com is a publicly traded company that makes creative products for consumer electronics and hand-held mobile devices. These products include items such as screen protectors, audio, cases, power management options, and keyboards.

Zagg is the maker of the flagship product, the Invisible Shield, a screen protector that provides the best protection from impact. Invisible Shields are available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad mini, and Apple iPad Air models, as well as other brands such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Motorola Droid, LG Nexus 5, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Zagg.com also offers several models of rugged cases to protect your mobile phone against shock, breakage, dirt, dust, grime, spills, and splashes. Choose from a variety of cases, each with a selection of stylish colors. Powerbanks, 30 pin cables, ear buds, stylus, and other accessories are also featured products offered by Zagg.com.

The Zagg Corporate Office is based at 3855 S 500 W, STE J, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 and the firm offers free shipping on ALL orders (regardless of price) when ordering within the US.


  1. www.zagg.com/register