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NJ Courts Juror

  • The NJ Courts Jury Reporting site is for New Jersey residents to fill out a New Jersey Judiciary’s Juror Questionnaire form easily online
  • If a juror decides to try to fill out this form within one business day of their summons date, they will receive an error message
  • If there is more than one adult living at an address with the same name, and the residents are unsure who the summons is for, they can call their local NJ jury management office to verify what person it is supposed to go to before they fill out this form

Potential New Jersey jurors can’t respond online for a medical or hardship excuse because they are required to mail the Jury Management Office information to supports their excuse (like a note from a doctor or employer) when they return their completed New Jersey juror questionnaire. New Jersey jurors are chosen from a list that is made up of registered  voters, licensed drivers, people who file a New Jersey personal income tax return, and applicants for homestead rebates in the State of New Jersey.

What exemptions can be requested online for a New Jersey Jury Reporting Summons?

New Jersey residents can use this form to see if they qualify to be a juror in New Jersey, to reschedule a jury reporting date in New Jersey, and to request a New Jersey jury exemption for residents 75  (to be excused solely based on their age with no medical documentation). The NJ Courts Jury Reporting web site can not be used for a New Jersey juror exemption because of medical exemptions, to request a New Jersey juror hardship excuse.

To contact the New Jersey Court System About A Juror Summons

  • Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex. Mark Neary, Clerk, P.O. 970, , Trenton, NJ 08625.
  • (609) 292-4837


  1. www.njcourts.com/juror