www.chipsettlement.com – Kettle Brand All Natural Chips Lawsuit

Chip Settlement

  • Provides information about Klacko v. Diamond Foods Inc. pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
  • Includes anyone who purchases a Kettle brand chip that was labeled as “natural”, “GMO”, “no preservatives”, “real food” or any kind of “reduce fat” wording between the dates of  1/03/2010 and 2/24/2015

Class members of the Chip Settlement claim that the firm made false and misleading statements when marketing their products and that the use of the word “natural” misled reasonable consumers into making a purchase.  Any questions about the Kettle Chips “All Natural” Class Action Settlement can be directed to 1-877-450-8811.

Kettle Brand All Natural Chips Lawsuit Notes

  • The deadline to file a claim was set as August 1, 2015 by the court
  • Kettle Chips All Natural Settlement Claims Administrator can be reached via US mail at P.O. Box 43324, Providence, RI 02940-3324
  • Total settlement is listed at 2,750,000 and any amounts paid out beyond this amount will proportionally
  • Class members are allowed to claim $1 per eligible Kettle Brand product and are limited to 20 claims with a receipt
  • Class members without receipts can file up to 10 claims under penalty of perjury

The class action states that Kettle Brand Chips were marketed as being “natural” when in fact they contained unnatural, synthetic and/or artificial ingredients that are harmful to ones health (it is very hard and expensive to make a natural potato chip for mass distribution).  Diamond Foods is the target of the lawsuit and denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settlement terms.

Diamond Foods, Inc. is headquartered at 600 Montgomery Street, 13th Floor, Francisco, CA 94111 (corporate office) and can be reached by phone at 415-445-7444.  It should be noted that Chip Settlement class member should not contact Diamond Foods in regards to the lawsuit and should reach out the settlement admin.