www.mywifiext.net – Access NETGEAR WIFI Support Online


  • Allows a customer to setup a wireless extender online
  • The service is easy and free to use
  • In order to access the service the customer MUST be physically connected by Ethernet or wirelessly connected to the NETGEAR Range Extender

When setting up the bothersome My WIFI EXT service it is highly recommended to have the NETGEAR device in the same room as the wireless router and then once the connection has been established the customer can move the extender to its intended location (i.e. their man cave).  One of the most common issues when setting up the WIFI service is the customer does not have the NETGEAR Wireless Range Extender plugged into a power source.

Error messages that may appear when accessing My WIFI EXT?

  • Internet Explorer: “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network”.
  • Google Chrome: “Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet”.
  • Firefox: “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at www.mywifiext.net”.
  • Safari: “can’t find server”

A few more tips for setting up the My WIFI EXT service includes: making sure the power light is green (this means the extender is receving service), if the MyWifiExt.net portal is not working please reset the given browser and try again or try with alternate web browser, assign the customers computer a static IP address, or smash the NETGEAR Device with a hammer to let out steam (don’t actually do this).

Those who cannot figure out how to set up the wireless extender service after all these tips (most likely old people) should dial up a NETGEAR customer service agent at (888) 638-4327.  The NetGear Corporate office is based at 350 East Plumeria Drive. San Jose, CA 95134-1911 and can be reached via phone at (408) 907-8000 (it is not recommended to call this number in regards to MyWifiExt.net questions).


  1. www.mywifiext.net